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Welcome to my home page

John WilsonYou can find information about my goals, videos, book and other activities here. My focus is on trying to provide people with the information, inspiration, and knowledge they need to make the switch to 100% renewable resources creating the potential for true freedom.

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Working for a world that works on 100% renewable resources equitably.

Wilson Natural Home documentary video

This down-to-earth documentary explains in simple terms, with hands-on demonstrations, how we all can start using solar energy, wind power, breathing walls, straw bale home construction techniques, passive solar design, smart windows, green roofs, and composting – today! You'll meet the experts as they explain how to make Natural Living work for you. You'll see it all in action: a wind turbine, solar panels, the hydro meter running backwards, grass on the roof, and more. This home costs less to build than a conventional custom built home while saving you thousands every year in eliminated energy bills. The award-winning sustainable design by highly acclaimed eco-architect Martin Liefhebber (featured in the documentary DVD) proves that form, function, beauty and comfort can work together to save the environment, improve your health and provide a reasonable return on your investment.

Here is a documentary that breaks down many of the barriers to a sustainable lifestyle, and shows what is attainable today. I truly believe that, as in my own case, once people see what others have achieved, they will be inspired and emboldened to make the changes suggested in this documentary. Please buy this DVD today, see how attainable a sustainable lifestyle really is, and if you are not completely happy with what you've learned, return the DVD and I will refund your payment.


Wilson Natural documentary video essentials. See the full video, all 25 minutes on YouTube here.

Wilson natural home rental

Learn how to build a solar house that combines a green roof, straw bales, and uses no fossil fuels. Experience the ultimate sustainable home in the extraordinary Hills of the Headwaters, right on the Bruce Trail, and minutes from Hockley Resort for winter ski/board and summer golf. Our house is about an hour north of Toronto, just off Airport Road.


Wilson Natural home in 2013.