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The challenge of the century is the imperative to move to 100% renewable energy. This must happen in the next three or four decades as we approach three critical limits. First, the finite reserves of non-renewable's (fossil fuels and uranium) will begin to decline. Second, increasing demand for energy. Third, increasingly destructive impacts from global warming. Combined these threats pose the greatest challenge ever faced by society. Our children's future depends on our rapid move to 100% renewable energy everywhere.

Economically, socially and scientifically the only way to avoid disaster is a global switch to 100% renewable energy. Only this can realistically address the challenge. No other option can be implemented as fast. Only with "renewable" energy is the reserve and growing demand problem resolved, and yes sufficient free supply is available, with more than 1000 times more renewable energy reaching earth from the sun (and available equitably and locally everywhere in the form of conservation, biomass, solar, thermal, geothermal, and wind). By rapidly reducing and eventually eliminating the emission of carbon, global warming can be averted with many economic, social and political benefits.


Hope for a Change: Renewable Energy documentary video.

Wilson Natural home in 2013.


John Wilson working on PowerBarr at home.

John Wilson

As the founder of the Natural Life Network, producer of the Solar Village documentary video series and as the author of Sun Rise, John Wilson is a leading advocate for renewable energy. John lives in an award winning natural home he and his family designed and helped build about an hour north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. John lives in this inspiring solar/wind powered, straw bale home with his wife Leigh Geraghty and his two children, Ian and Claire.

As a leader with real world hands on experience, John Wilson is a tireless advocate for the process of communication, education, and inspiration so critical to the transformation process required of our society. With a corporate background in technology, John brings a down-to-earth, practical, and inspiring view to the changes we all need to make. People relate to John because he is a regular guy with a regular job just like the rest of us. And if he can do it then so can we all. John is available for: Educational speaking, Seminars, and Workshops.

To learn more about my families ongoing journey towards sustainability start by review this documentary video we made called Wilson Natural Home.

For more details and background now how we achieved our dream of building a sustainable home you may want to read through this free ebook in PDF format.